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I am excited to get to know each of you during this exciting journey!

My name is Raxon White. I am a nurse manager on a medical surgical telemetry, stepdown unit at the James. J Peters Veterans Affairs Medical Center. I received my BSN from Jacksonville University, my MSN from Phoenix University, and I am currently pursing my DNP from Chamberlain University.

I am 19 years of nursing experience in medical surgical nursing. I have had opportunities in nursing both at the bed side, visiting nurse, and clinical and administrative leadership. I have been a nurse manager for 12 years with the opportunity to guide staff development, and patient experience. My leadership interests include transformational and SERVANT leadership, evidence practice and critical thinking for staff nurses, Joy- in- making a difference, coaching and mentoring and positive patient experience during their hospital stay.

I really enjoy the engagement and innovation of staff at the bedside. I value the relationship fostered with each staff I encounter and view of them as unique individuals with excellent talents and unique gifts to share with their patients, families and colleagues. I am committed to design and implement strategies to maximize their potential with the mission and the vison of the organization.

On a personal note, I am married to my wonderful husband, Paul, and I have three children (Shane, Shamoya and Ashley). My journey in life has been blessed with large extended family, as I am one of five children. I am passionate about my church ministries and I am a strong believer in holistic health, inclusive to mind, body, and spirit. I enjoy walking, reading and cooking.

I value the impactful learning journey from each staff and family members. I am excited to partner with you on this leadership journey. I am positive I will learn a lot from community of excellent leaders.