Patricia Randolph

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I have been a RN since 2004. I first received my ADN in 2004, BSN in 2017, and  MSN with a concentration in Informatics in 2018. I also have a Associate of Arts and Associate of Applied science with a concentration in pharmacology. Before becoming a nurse, I worked as a CNA and pharmacy technician. 

I am currently in the process of applying for the DNP with a concentration in education. I have always believed it is important to pay it forward. and providing educational opportunities to those in nursing school (i.e. classroom or clinical settings) and novice to seasoned nurses (i.e. lectures, seminars, on a unit in a hospital). would be doing my part to pay if forward.

My plan after obtaining my DNP is to acquire my PhD, with a concentration in nursing science, leadership, nursing healthcare administration, ethics, or education. My goal has always been to be a Chief Nursing Officer, but my ultimate goal is to be a Nurse Executive. 

I have worked in multiple areas, which include PCU, ICU, PACU, MDS, ED Hospice, psychiatric, and Tavel Nursing. My current position is as a Nurse Manager for a long-term care facility. I am currently applying for the DON position, where I work, as the current DON is retiring in January. 

I really enjoy being a nurse because of all the different areas possible to work and obtain experience in. My personal goal has always been to be the best nurse and leader I can be.